Frequently Asked Questions

What is Art Photo Index?
Art Photo Index (API) is a searchable, visual database of selected photographers and photo-based artists from throughout the world.
Why was API developed?
API makes it extremely easy to discover and reference interesting photography from within one central place! With so much work being published online today, it takes a tremendous amount of time to surf the web to discover it. There are too many sites to visit. Also, generalist search engines are too broad in scope to be of much use in finding interesting work using keywords. Art Photo Index is focused on artists who have already achieved a high level of recognition. Thus viewers don't have to wade through irrelevant imagery.
How are photographers selected for Art Photo Index?
Photographers included in Art Photo Index are selected as a result of their accomplishments. Many of the photographers included are published by major photobook publishers or featured in art photography magazines. Some have received awards given by various organizations while others are represented by major photography galleries. These include Aperture, Blind Spot, European Photography, Guggenheim Fellowships, Santa Fe Prize and many more.
How are organizations indexed?
Art Photo Index has identified may of the important art photo organizations, magazines, book publishers, galleries and awards given to photo-based artists. We've indexed the photographers who are recognized by each of these organizations and intend to add more throughout the year. These rosters then become an index for each of the included organizations and a way to vet the artists found in API. Click onorganizations included to see the current list.
As a photo-based artist, how can I be included in API?
Inclusion in Art Photo Index is by invitation only. The artists you see in API have been given recognition by important photography organizations, periodicals and galleries. Work may be submitted to any of the leading organizations listedhere,includingphoto-eye.
Is there a fee to use Art Photo Index or to be included?
Art Photo Index is free for all to use. Artists are invited to participate on API and there is no charge to be included.
Who is the API audience?
A cultivated, discerning audience including curators, gallerists, publishers, editors, picture researchers, art buyers, collectors, and others who have an intense interest in photography as an art form. For well over 30 years, photo-eye has developed a huge online presence and following for art photography which now carries over to Art Photo Index.
Who is the parent company of Art Photo Index?
Art Photo Index is owned and operated by photo-eye (, based in Santa Fe, NM. It was conceived and developed by Rixon Reed, Founder and Director of photo-eye.
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