API Collections

API Collections are a revolutionary way to virtually collect work by API artists. It uses drag-and-drop technology to make it incredibly easy for viewers to select and organize work for different needs. Drag images from any API page directly into your collections folder.

  • Easily create and name new folders and subfolders.
  • Drag and drop images from any page on API.
  • Drag and drop website screenshots.
  • Change the order of the folders and subfolders.
  • Drag and drop work from one folder to another.
  • Change the width of the folder pane to see the full names of each folder.
  • Change the height of your collections to see many more images.
  • Within each folder, change the order of the images to your liking.
  • Click an image to enlarge it.
  • Move back and forth between enlarged images by clicking on either side of the image.
  • Click a link to view the artist's entire body of work on API.
  • View the title of the enlarged image.
  • View each the keywords associated with the image.
  • View the galleries who represent the artist.
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