What are you so afraid of?

Fear is one of our most compelling emotions, developed to keep us alive in a dangerous world. Most of us don't have to worry much about predators any more, so we've found new applications for this powerful force: Is my wife having an affair? Am I going to get cancer? Will I be fired? These are at least legitimate concerns. But what about all the other things that strike terror in our hearts and minds and gut: dentists, love handles, public flatulence, cockroaches, needles, unexplained noises in the night, germs.

What kind of world-dominating species is afraid of stuff like that? Humans.

Meantime, we figured out how to fly airplanes in the sky (hope they don't crash) and engineer bridges to span the mighty rivers (hope they don't fall). We outwitted Mother Nature so we can have whatever food we want all year round (hope it doesn't poison us). We created fireworks and bullets and bombs (duck!). We built our castles with heat and air-conditioning and running water and flush toilets and computers and appliances. We fill our chariots with oil and drill for more.

I think we might be afraid of all the wrong things.

We have nothing to fear but ourselves.